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  • Pam Clasquin


    Love your new website....Great job.

    • admin


      Thanks, Pam. I'm excited about having a lot more versatility on offering up content than before. Best, gb

  • Meredith


    Beautiful, Dad. East Texas is lucky to have you back.

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      Thanks, Mere. Do you get much spam in commenting. Man, I'm getting hammered. Just erased about 80 bs posts. Love, Dad

  • Gregg Borders


    Gary, New site looks great! Good job! Little Brother Gregg

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      Thanks, bro. Getting hammered by spam for some reason. About 90 comments today, roughly 20 legitimate.

  • Don Hamilton


    Very enjoyable reading, as usual, old friend. As I read, I could not help but wonder if the church you were referring to was the University Methodist Church. You probably remember being a groomsman and photographer at a wedding in the chapel there many years ago. Enjoy Longview and your new life and I shall look forward to your perusings from time to time.

  • olmandon@aol.com


    I enjoyed the column, old friend. As I read, I could not help but wonder if the church to which you referred was the University Methodist Church. It seems to fit the description and locale details you provided. You probably remember being a groomsman and a photographer in a chapel there, many years ago. Enjoy Longview and your new life. I shall look forward to reading your perusings from time to time.

    • admin


      Thanks, Don. Yes. it is University Methodist, which I could see out my office window. I do remember the ceremony, albeit vaguely. My memory is pitiful at times. Ran into a buzz saw at UT, which was a bit disconcerting. But everything works out in the end. I'm glad to finally be able, once the house sells, to live with my family and quit this long commute. Take care, and I hope you keep reading. gb

  • Gaylon Butler


    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I think it was the Magnolia Club. If you remember the Army-Navy Store was in the same block as a kid I loved to that store. Mr. Brightwell owned and operated the Burger Chef ( Mobberly and Birdsong). He lived in the house on Birdsong directly behind the BC.

    • admin


      Hi Gaylon: Forgot about the Army-Navy Store, which I loved as well. I still have a weakness for those places. Thanks for writing. Best, gb

  • Meredith


    Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that. I'm glad he was comfortable in his rocking chair in his last moments.

  • Denise


    Just absolutely beautifully written. So sorry for your loss.

    • admin


      A belated thank-you, Denise. Had to get a glitch fixed so I could actually see the comments. Hope you're doing well. Best, gb

  • Joe McCarthy


    Your description made me almost envision these two old guys doing their thing. I drew an analogy between their relationship and that of my brother and I. We too are up there in years. I remember seeing a grave stone near that of my parents years ago that carried an inscription something to the effect that "Here lies old Tom - , he spent his years well, working among us on Earth and has now begun his eternal work. He will be forever remembered as history has a way of repeating things."

  • Gail Davis


    Hi Gary! I really like your new web site! I'm enjoying all of your columns!! Keep up the good work! love, Aunt Gail

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      Thanks, Aunt Gail. I'm happy with the site and looking forward to adding even more content. Love, Gary

  • Kevan Kerns


    I like the new website. Always look forward to the columns and have for many years.

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      Thanks, Kevan. Hope you're doing well. I appreciate your loyalty and kind words. Best, gb

  • Joe McCarthy


    Ha! Ha! Ha! (for ten minutes) My daughter's mother-in-law is a Quebeqese lady and she taught her children and anyone else who wanted to learn to sing that ditty (Irish). But no one remembers ever being given the translation. I guess you could say that it is one of the most well kept secrets of all time. Joe

  • Nemesis


    Wonder what all them there lime rinds come from?? Good question for Mr. Jackson and Mr. Buffett

    • admin


      They come from iced tea. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

  • Joe McCarthy


    Last week you spoke of snake photos. It was prophetic, in a way. My wife went to the early show - movies with my daughter the other night. Daughter brought her home about 9:30 pm and they began ringing the doorbell. After a bit, I went to investigate - wondering who the h... was making all the racket. It was my wife. She wanted me to see the western diamondback rattler that was lolling in front of our door. My next door neighbor and his wife often take trips - towing a trailer. You should see the conglamoration of gadgets, chains and safety hookups on his rig. He told me that he had an experience like you described early on in his traveling career and wanted to make sure it will not happen again. Anything mechanical can fail but a lousy weld???? That courts disaster. I am glad to hear that you survived both incidents.

    • admin


      Joe: I have a similar story with a water moccasin that parked itself in the garage by the door and wouldn't leave. Even though I'm a peaceable sort, I finally had to kill it with a machete since it refused to exit the premises. And yes, the trailer incident could have turned out quite ugly, as well as my demand for a refund. Both were tense moments that turned out OK. Looking forward to being back in Longview, living with my family (finally!) and seeing what mischief I can stir up there. I plan to keep writing long as the the dear Lord lets me. Best, gb

  • Shirley


    Now that you are moving back to Longview, what are you going to do about your job(s)?

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      Well, I'm no longer at UT. So I'm working on a book, trying to gin up some freelance work, and pondering next steps. Thanks for asking. Best, gb

  • Tonya


    I love your website and your columns!

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      Thanks, Tonya. Hope all is well with you. Best, gb

  • Steven Mitchell


    If we have to look at 140 houses to find your home, that's what we will do! I am enjoying the search. It's fun with the right people.

  • kevan kerns


    Keep plugging !!!

    • admin


      Thanks, Kevan. I will, Lord willing.

  • Jerry Combest


    Gary, the location is, as you say, just west of H.G. Mosley at the corner of 80 and Rockwall Drive. There is a Christian school there now.

    • admin


      Thanks, Jerry. That's where I thought it was, but I don't trust my memory much these days. Take care, gb.

  • David Harrison


    Great blog. Really enjoyed it. After living in New England 15 years, I became a die-hard member of Red Sox Nation. But in my study, I have my Mickey Mantle autographed photo from the restaurant on the wall with my Red Sox 2004 Wold Series Champs hat hanging next to it. ANd yes, the building is now a church.

    • admin


      Thanks, David, for taking the time to write. Here's hoping the second half of the season is better than the first half. You never know with the Red Sox. I will never forget the 2004 season, even after I have likely forgotten everything else. Best, gb

  • Kent Hutchison


    I agree. There are so many much more important issues our legislators should be addressing vs voter fraud (fictional voter fraud,).

    • admin


      Thanks, Kent. At least so far the courts agree.

  • Randall Beeman


    Another good one, Gary

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      Thanks, Randy

  • Bill Armstrong


    In the early 60s, we lived on East Radio St, right behind Gibson's. I remember a Tony who owned H&T Sporting Goods on S. Green. Could this be the same Tony you're thinking of? Your mention of the River Road Drive In brings back memories of warm summer nights and my fascination, as a child, with the wonderful neon animation on the back side of the screen tower. I wish I could find a photograph of it. My other fond childhood recollection is of the Saturday morning kiddie matinees at the Arlyne, downtown on Methvyn. The Arlynene was a beautiful theater and, as a child I was fascinated, and perhaps just a little titillated by the illustrations of the lovely, scantily clad ladies that graced the theater walls. My grandmother owned the cafeteria that was between the Arlyne and the Brass Rail until the late 50s or early 60s.

    • admin


      I remember both well.

    • Sarilee


      If you grandmother was a lady named Mrs. Cummings, we lived next door to her on Padon St. She gave me a pretty pink slip for graduation. I worked as a cashier at the Arlyne when I was in high school Thanks for all the memories. I remember all these places very well

  • R Beeman


    Sincerely enjoyed this personal insight. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks, Randy. Hope you're doing well. gb

  • Denise


    Awww! So sweet!

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      Thanks, Denise. Hope you're doing well.

  • Tamara Crail-Walters



    • admin


      Thanks, Tamara. I hope you and Peyton are doing well.

  • Hina


    Life has been the same here too. Balu and I are still dealing with curve-balls, just that they are easier to fend off when you have one another.

  • Alan


    Gary, we had carpenter bees at our house in Longview. The only thing I found that worked against them was a well-swung tennis racket. Over the years, I must have served up tens of dozens of aces with those slow moving bees. They kept coming back and back. Good luck with them!

    • admin


      Alan, That sounds like an excellent idea. Plus I can get some exercise at the same time. Hope you're doing well.

  • Craig


    Congratulations on your new position at Kilgore College. As a former member of the Flare staff, I can assure you that you are inheriting a great program created by an outstanding person. I'm sure you will enjoy working with the students, staff and administration. Once again, congratulations and I wish you the best of luck with your new position.

    • admin


      Thanks for the kind words, Craig. Sorry for the delay in replying. I didn't see your comment on the "About" section of the blog. I am well aware I have big shoes to fill and will certainly do my best to uphold a fine tradition. Take care and hope to see you at the alumni luncheon in September. Best, Gary B.

  • Patti Hooper


    Thank for the sweet and uplifting memory of Rayford. We were neighbors in Nacogdoches back in the 90's. I recall a day he came from golf and walked all the way around his yard very cautiously as he did not want to scare the concrete cardinal in the birdbath. A great man!

    • admin


      Patti: Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to write. I'm glad you got to know Rayford as well. Take care, Gary B.

  • Randy Beeman


    Well researched and written. Email me sometime. I have some red cedar rough cut u might swap some books for.

  • ShaShalonShalon


    For some reason, I cannot see a single thing I am typing. It's like ghost typing and it's creepy... Anyways, I do not take all the credit for my son's love of the written (typed) word but I would like to point out that I was just such a reader in my youth. and I am still such a reader. I go through several books a week and have so many that they are spilling out of my bookshelves and are stacked everywhere in a potentially murderous pile. I don't care. I love them. Reading is wonderful fuel for the imagination and I've encouraged such a love since Connor was very small. If I do nothing else for my son ever, at least I have helped to do this: foster a love for reading. I apologize for any errors as, again, I can't see a single thing I've written.

    • admin


      Sorry you can't see what you were typing, Shalon. I don't know why it does that on some computers. Certainly the fact you read and encourage Connor to do so has a huge impact. He talks about how much you read. Again, sorry for the glitch.

  • Randy Beeman


    Very happy got you. Far too many of us get put out to pasture before we are ready. It,s good to see you back in the saddle doing something you know, love and are good at. A very good way to grow old.

    • admin


      Hi Randy: I'm thrilled to have come back in from the pasture. It's going to be a lot of fun and hard work. Thanks for your kind comments and stay in touch. Best, gb

  • Robbie Goodrich


    Hi Gary, I “re-invented” myself a year ago after leaving the Sentinel (30 years) and moving to SFA as director of arts information for the College of Fine Arts. Starting my second year here now, I still have the deer-in-the-headlights look many days, but not every day. You’ll do fine at Kilgore; think about how many of us you have “taught” over the years. Congrats on your new chapter, and best of luck. Robbie

    • admin


      Hi Robbie: It is good to hear from you. I was wondering what your were doing these days. Thanks for the kind words. I am sure this is going to be a great adventure, though I will always miss those heady days in the newsroom. You did a fine job as managing editor, and I'm sure you are an asset to SFA. Take care, gb

  • Scott Fenlaw



    • admin


      Thanks for your prayers and taking the time to write. Regards, Gary B.

  • Ton Shott


    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of a man that few knew but that we all aspire to be like. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Mr. Reel and your family.

    • admin


      Thank you, Tom, for taking the time to write. We appreciate your prayers.

  • Becky Carroll


    Gary, As a health care worker, as a citizen of the Ark-La-Tex, as the daughter and daughter-in-law of two veterans who are no longer with us, I would like to offer you all my prayers, good thoughts, and wishes for you and your family. No sense can be made of an incident like what happened to Mr. Teel, so I won't attempt to understand it or offer you rationalizations. I only want to let you know that all of you are in our hearts this Thanksgiving. Bless all of you, but especially Mr. Teel. Becky Carroll Louisiana

    • admin


      Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Regards, Gary B.

  • Leta Evans


    So sad. My thoughts and prayers are with this family. Praying for a speedy recovery.

    • admin


      Thank you for your prayers. God Bless. Gary B.

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  • adam @unorthodoxepicure


    Unfortunately, the McDonald's fries that killed people 20 years ago aren't the same as the ones that kill people nowadays. Thank you, vegans.

  • Randy Beeman


    Nailedit. World is a better place because of Pete and other like people

  • W. Floyd Elliott


    Love the stories about your family. Floyd

  • adam j. holland


    I cannot figure out why an east Texas boy would want to watch the Red Sox in a World Series, but I'm sure that's in a column somewhere. ;-) As for cutting the cord — we did it six months ago (Roku & antenna) and are quite pleased with our decision.

    • admin


      Adam, I was born in New Hampshire and lived there until I was nearly 13. My mother's family are all Red Sox fans, so I had no choice. My parents moved to Longview in 1968. In 1967, my dad took me, my brother Scott and a buddy to Fenway on the next-to-last game of the year, when the Sox tied for the lead in the American League. They clinched the AL pennant the next day. I have an autographed baseball from Carl Yaztremski (sp) from when he won the Triple Crown that year, a feat that was only duplicated last season. I paid way too much money in 2007 to watch Game One of the World Series in Fenway. (Back when I was making good money as a publisher. Sigh. I always figured eventually they would find me out and know I had risen far above my raising.) Anyway, I have loved the Red Sox since I was able to read. It's in my Yankee, French-Canadian genes. Julie, Abbie and I will be sitting behind home plate at Fenway on June 16. There are few places I would rather be than Fenway on a summer evening. Cheeers! gb

  • Wayne Greer


    Gary, My name is Wayne Greer and in 1969 I was the composing room machinist at the Longview News. I can relate to all the items that you mentioned. I still have a make up rule that I carried in my pocket for many, many years, Miss thowe day in a way.

    • admin


      Thanks for writing, Wayne.In 1969, I was the short kid with black-frame glasses who would wander through the composing room, fascinated by the process.

  • Russell Viers


    Greetings Gary... http://www.russellviers.com/?p=157 We're on the same page.

    • admin


      Very nice, Russell.

  • Connie Holubar


    Gary, I also remember these tools, as well as the blue line pencil. I'm thrilled that my son will be learning the business from someone with such talent, experience, and obviously respect for the importance of the written word. I look forward to checking out Mount Pleasant in the near future.

    • admin


      Connie: I forgot all about those blue-line pencils. I really look forward to Tanner joining us. I know he'll learn a lot and also contribute a great deal to the paper. The sooner the better!

  • Robin Dawley


    Wise words from such a young man! I agree with your words, wholeheartedly! thanks! Robin

  • adam j. holland


    Excellent review (and primer for non-Willie folks). I own 21 Willie solo albums, including this latest one. Indeed, it's a comforting listen.

    • admin


      Thanks, Adam. God Bless Willie Nelson.

  • W. Floyd


    And Sam said "....

    • admin


      I just reposted it. I missed cutting and pasting the last four paragraphs. Sorry about that. gb

  • Dyson Nickle


    He was a great Christian and and wonderful friend!

  • Jonathan McDonald


    Way back when, you weren't the youngest publisher, I was. Let me know if you find a place with a good single malt for 53cents. Enjoy your seniority. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up either. Jonathan

  • Kaylee


    Wow, that's a really clever way of thninikg about it!

  • Sheila Sarabia


    my mother remembers this day as well. She had been telling me the story of her aunt that had TB and was a guest of the sanatorium in pembroke. You may also remember that. She then went on to tell me of her other aunt, Loretta, who strangled Susan. She remembers her father's heartbreak as he told her what his sister had done. You're not alone in this memory, that's all I wanted to share. Thank you, Sheila

    • admin


      Thank you for taking the time to write. It was one of those tragedies that has been seared into my memory. I do not remember the place in Pembroke, but I was just a kid. Take care.

  • Eva


    Gary, i love your wife, too! I have the fondest memories of her as a professor and friend. Please do tell her how much I still think of her. I'm so profoundly happy to hear that you are well and happy! Eva

  • Mitzi West Easley


    Our dads were giants in their respective fields, weren't they? While cleaningg out Mama's house I found a picture your dad drew of John Wayne. So detailed. I have it, and would send it to you. If you would like to contact me with an address, I would be happy to get it to you. Great story about your dad.

    • admin


      Thanks, Mitzi. The John Wayne pic is a print, and I have a few hundred of them. It's very kind of you to offer to send it to me, but I have plenty. Please keep it, or give it to someone who will appreciate it. Regards, Gary B.

  • W. Floyd Elliott


    I think 30 decades is a little too much. If my "old school math" still works, that equates to something like 300 years. Still love your columns - over decades. Floyd

  • Marsha Ramsey


    Gary, I had a memory shared on facebook today written by you about Dr. Sadler and the last 9 days of Mr. Teel's life. It was so touching especially considering the horrible events that occurred that day.After I re-read your post, I began looking at your site. You are a great writer and I loved the story of Rosie. It was all I could do to keep from looking at the end to see how it came out. I live in Hallsville but I grew up in Gilmer. I went to school with Julie, she may or may not remember me, as Marsha Martin. We weren't in the same class, I didn't know her well but I always thought she was so sweet and had a beautiful spirit. I think Jim used to be married to a friend's daughter, Shalon Bunn. Their child is about the same age as my grandson. My sister, Cara Wallace, now Smith, lives in Avinger but goes to Hopewell Methodist out from Gilmer, and last I heard Jim still goes there. So much of Rosie's story hit home with me. I am about to message my sister to read this article, she will enjoy it too. I just wanted to say "small world" and I also prayed along with many, when Mr. Teel was injured. I was a L&D nurse there for 17 years. Did you ever hear the story about Dr. Sadler diagnosing his own abdominal aneurysm ? It is a story I loved and admired. I hope Rosie is still with you and doing well.

    • admin


      Thanks for the kind words, Marsha and I will tell Julie you wrote. Regards, Gary B.

  • Charlotte Minor


    Great story, Gary. ...lol

  • Aaron Blakeley


    Man 25 inches is great! I have only managed 20 so far and it scares the crap out of me.

  • Carol Fox


    What a saga, Gary! The really concerning thing is the high blood pressure. I didn't know about the blood thinners. Why are you on them? A friend of mine from undergraduate days has been on blood thinners for a long time but just got the okay to get off them. It's possible that the much healthier diet she got on has made the difference.

  • Gary Pinkerton


    Gary! You did it! It is a slog sometimes, but the focus gets you there. I can't wait to see it.

    • admin


      Thanks, Gary.I'll let you know when it is actually published.

  • Gary Mohel


    Gary, I really look forward to reading it. Henry would have liked you a lot.

    • admin


      Thanks, Gary. That's probably the highest compliment you could have paid me, from what I have learned about Henry.