Yours Faithfully, J.A.

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Yours Faithfully, J.A.


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For more than 50 years, H.B. Fox wrote a weekly column that appeared in as many as 150 newspapers, primarily across the country but also in many other states. The column poked fun at politicians, Congress and anything else that struck Fox’s fertile mind. Fox also wrote for Collier’s Magazine and other national publications throughout his long career, for the past four decades from a farm in Circleville, Texas, north of Taylor. Author Gary Borders conducted extensive research and interviews for this biography. He puts Fox in context with the times in which he wrote for country newspapers. In the 40-plus year span when Fox was widely distributed, under a pseudonym, country newspapers had their greatest influence and widest readership. It was an idyllic period for country weeklies, before chain ownership had begun to reach down to that level and begun homogenizing content, and before the Internet began lopping off wide swaths of newspapers’ revenue streams — especially classifieds.

Fox during his career was called a “modern-day Mark Twain.” The book’s final chapter includes more than 50 of Fox’s columns, so readers can more fully appreciate his biting wit and gift for satire.

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